Tidy Waves Aquarium Service

Serving the Dallas Metroplex

Aquarium Service

    If you are interested in creating the ultimate freshwater, saltwater, or reef aquarium, let Tidy Waves Aquarium Service handle all of your needs. We are a family owned and operated aquarium company that has served the Dallas metroplex since 2001. 

    Tidy Waves specializes in the following aquarium services:

             Sales - we offer standard and custom aquariums
                in a variety of shapes and sizes with cabinetry
                to complement any decor
             Installation - we can help you design and build
                the freshwater, saltwater, or reef aquarium
                of your dreams
             Maintenance - we currently maintain commercial
                and residential aquariums throughout the
                Dallas metroplex

    From inception to completion and beyond, you will receive personalized attention from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Tidy Waves Aquarium Service is dedicated to making your aquarium keeping experience a successful and enjoyable one.                    

Contact us today for an on-site quote at no charge and no obligation.

214-893-6373 or 214-679-9683