Tidy Waves Aquarium Service

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Aquarium Sales

    Tidy Waves Aquarium Service specializes in standard and custom aquarium sales. We will help you create the ultimate freshwater, saltwater, or reef aquarium for your home or office. We offer aquariums in a variety of shapes and sizes with cabinetry to complement any decor. 

    Our complete aquarium sales include the highest-quality equipment and supplies. Tidy Waves offers the finest products from the leading aquarium manufacturers. We believe in doing it right the first time, so you won't have to constantly upgrade and replace equipment.

    Our commitment to you isn't finished with the sale of your aquarium. Tidy Waves will provide unsurpassed customer service in the installation and maintenance of your fish tank. Our goal is to keep your habitat in top condition and your livestock in perfect health with the latest in aquarium husbandry tools and techniques.

Contact us today for an on-site quote at no charge and no obligation.

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Aquarium Sales 

Tidy Waves is proud to offer aquarium products from the following manufacturers:
  1. Aqua FX
  2. Aqua Illumination
  3. Aqua Ultraviolet
  4. Aquatic Life
  5. ATI 
  6. Brightwell
  7. Bubble King
  8. Bubble Magus
  9. CaribSea
  10. Coralvue
  11. CPR Aquatic
  12. Danner
  13. Deep Sea Aquatics
  14. Deltec
  15. Digital Aquatics
  16. DT's
  17. Ecoxotic
  18. Eheim
  19. Elos
  20. Giesemann
  21. Hanna Instruments
  22. Hydor
  23. Innovative Marine
  24. Instant Ocean
  25. Korallen Zucht
  26. Little Giant
  27. Neptune Systems
  28. Pan World
  29. Planet Aquariums
  30. Red Sea
  31. Reeflo
  32. Reef Brite
  33. Reef Octopus
  34. Rod's Food
  35. Ruby Reef
  36. Sicce
  37. Teco
  38. Trigger Systems
  39. Tunze
  40. Two Little Fishies
  41. Vertex
  42. Warner Marine
  43. Wavepoint Technology
  44. XM
  45. ZEOVit